Updating EasyPower Installation to Use a Network Key While Outside the Network

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In order to utilize a network key, that key must be found on your machine or elsewhere on your computer network.  Some networks are complex enough that the key may not be immediately discoverable by the software.  This article is intended to help configure your system to find the network key in these situations.  

  1. For new installations, install EasyPower version 9.6 or later first, and then proceed to step 2. 
    For existing installations, start with step 2.
  2. Open a browser and access the Sentinel Admin Control Center (http://localhost:1947).
  3. Select Configuration from the left sidebar and then click the Access to Remote License Managers tab.
  4. Select the Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses check box.
  5. In the Remote License Search Parameters box, type the IP addresses of the computers that have licenses available. Press ENTER after each address so each appears on its own line.
  6. Click Submit. Within a couple of minutes, the licenses will appear in the Sentinel Keys section.
  7. The first time you start EasyPower, you will be prompted to enter your authorization code. Select the authorization code you want to use.



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