"Error when starting the Sentinel License Manager Service" Message (Status Code 48 5 832 1053)

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When performing the Sentinel HASP Run-time Installation, you may receive a Status Code 48 5 832 1053 error, as shown below.

Error message

This error indicates that the license manager service was unable to start. This could be due to anti-virus software, User Access Control settings, or conflicts with other 3rd-party software, so you should review these settings first.

Access to Port 1947 Required

It is also possible that the service cannot start because it cannot access port 1947. Port 1947 is officially assigned to Sentinel (HASP) services for TCP and UDP and exclusive access to this port is required to use the HASP keys. Reference

Follow these instructions to see if another application is using port 1947:

  1. From your Windows Start menu, type cmd, right-click on Command Prompt (cmd.exe), and then click Run as administrator. 

    Run as administrator

  2. Type netstat –a –b and then press ENTER. 
  3. Scroll to the top and look for “TCP” If you locate it you will find the name of the service that is using that port directly below it in square brackets. For example: 

    TCP          MyPCName:0          LISTENING

    So in this case, “service1.exe” is using the port.

  4. Before continuing, confirm that you can terminate this service, as this may impact other applications. To terminate the service, open the Windows Task Manager and then find the service in the Processes list. 

    Processes Tab

    Right-click on the service and click End task.  

  5. After this is complete, start the HASPUserSetup.exe again to install your drivers, and then try to activate EasyPower. For instructions on using the HASPUserSetup.exe file to install the drivers, see "Please attach your hardware key to continue" Message Appears During Product Activation.
If you continue to experience issues, please contact EasyPower Technical Support at  



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